NTX Side Stand

Hi all.

Has anyone successfully fitted a side to an NTX? If so, any details and / or photographs would be appreciated.

Cheers, Phil

My one has it, but this is police bike. Did RH head tonight, LH is a job for tomorrow, so there will be an opportunity to make a pic in my limited space!

Thanks Adamigo. A few detailed photos of the frame rail and side stand bracketry fixing method will be great. A couple of photos showing it extended and folded would also help. The length of the stand and the sprig arrangement would be great.
Your help will be appreciated.



OK, sidestand’s total length 340mm axis to foot, base is a 8mm piece of steel welded on a 130mm length, beginning from the footpeg, the spring is 110mm when folded and 155mm when opened(peg to peg). Personally I would increase the final angle, as it is exactly 90deg and I just don’t trust it too much; I will try to grind off some material at the “bumper” part, making it opening up to angle slightly more than 90. It would lean more at the same time, and the lean now is barely acceptable, bike stands right up - but I have fitted shocks shorter by 10mm, before I sort out factory MX580 ones. Enjoy your work!