Nuovo Falcone, dynastart

I am told that it’s possible to exchange the the dynamo on a falcone for a dynastart . These where an option when new. An original might be hard to find, but it’s possible to fit one from a golf buggy - there a number on Ebay - But which one. Has anybody done it?

I know Ray (Ex Smokin Biker) bought a starter unit when he had his Nuovo Falcone, not sure if he ever got round to fitting it tho, worth dropping him a pm

I bought a dynastart from Woodauto near Huddersfield and a pulley blank from my local bearing supplier . I had the pulley machined and a keyway cut into it to fit the shaft of the dynastart also bought a starter button from Gutsibits , a good battery ( Odissey )and a Japanese starter solenoid .
Fuel on , choke on , ignition on , decompresser in , push on the starter button and she chuffs into life .
The result is an easy starter

Tanks for that. Do you remember the type/ model number of the the dynastart you bought?

Not sure how much interest there is in the Dynastart conversion these days, but I had knee surgery and kicking the Nuovo Falcone has been tough, so I took a look at this forum, since I’d heard about the possibility of making the conversion. I had seen a Dynastart on for marine applications, but they were in the range of $500usd, plus shipping. I’m happy to say, this forum turned me onto Wood Auto and though the Wood Part #, ST10004 was listed as out of stock, I sent an email and had a prompt reply they could supply the item with a few days, which they did and then shipped it, via FedEx, to the USA for $277usd, all up, wonderful people at Wood Auto.

I also found a standard Nuovo Falcone generator pulley on ebay for $40usd, that I had machined to fit the 17mm shaft including a key way.

Now the bad news, I spent a week attempting to remove the flywheel, using the normal Guzzi Singles Flywheel removal method, no luck, then with lots of heat, still no luck, then with a 5ton Hydraulic puller and lots of heat, still no luck, I’ve successfully, over the years, removed Airone and Falcone flywheels with no problem, so I was concerned the flywheel had sheared the key, spinning and welding itself to the crank, so I checked the timing and all was good?. Spoke to a friend who had the same problem with his Dondolino, who said his took removing the crank from the engine and then a 20 ton press, finally with a loud bang, which scattered everyone in the shop, it let go… but bending the flywheel. His recommendation was, leave well enough alone, cut the existing rubber belt off and use a Fenner composite adjustable belt, which I’ve done… I think I’ve downloaded a photo of the belt, though in previewing it, it seems to be horizontal, not vertical. I think there are other brands of the composite/adjustable belts, I suspect any of good quality will suffice, but the Fenner got rave reviews.
Fenner belt small.JPG
Without the flywheel issue, I think you could do the swap from generator to Dynastart in about an hour.

Thanks for the lead to Wood Auto, I can’t recommend them more highly.

Mike Peavey
Boston, Massachusetts

In my post above, I should mentioned, you will also need a longer bolt, I think the stock bolt is about 175mm and I bought a 200mm and shortened it to about 195mm.
Also, the wiring is incredibly simple, D-,D+ and DF are the same, all that’s left is a post #30 on the Dynastart that is for the 12V power.

Dynastart with shipping, $277usd
Pulley ebay $40usd
Machine Pulley to 17mm shaft $20usd
Fenner Belt $35usd
Longer stainless bolt $10usd
Relay $17usd
Push button $10
Total $409usd

I’m using the same battery, I just pull in the compression release, spin up the engine, release the button and compression release and Boom, it’s running.

Best thing I ever did to my Nuovi Falcone . It always impresses onlookers when the engine quietly bursts into life with no sound of whirring starter gears , clutches and clanking chains …so civilised then again it is a ‘Civili’ :wink: