Nuovo Falcone ignition

I have asked this question recently but it does not appear on the system as far as I can see; so try again.
Has anyone fitted electronic ignition to a Nuovo Falcone? If so what type and has it been reliable? I have a Lucas Rita system fitted to my G5 which I have been extremely pleased with as starting has been so improved over the usual mechanical system.
Thanks for any help.

Hi Ian,
You can find your original post ( and a reply ) in the “Big block Tonti and Loop frame” section.

I use a simple electronic ignition made by Gammatronix on a non Guzzi bike. This still uses the original points but does away with the need for a condenser. This has a double benefit; firstly because it is the condenser that is most likely to fail, and secondly because your points are less likely to wear. A small led light on the control box help to get the timing spot on.

I think this should be all you need on a slow revving bike like your Nuovo Falcone.


Thank you for that.

I’ve had my NF since 2002, and set the points maybe three times. The spare set I bought hasn’t been seen for the past ten years or so, as I have had no need, so wouldn’t see much point in an electronic system, unless you were going for radical tuning with different advance curves, etc…
If you’re determined to go electronic, I have the makings of two systems that I was given by Paul Friday and don’t see myself ever using. There’s a box of parts and a couple of write-ups on what to do with them. Not plug and play. If you’re serious about going down that route, let me know, and we could maybe sort something out, but the stock ignition is reliable (apart from the coil) and I wouldn’t see any advantage on a stock motor…