Nuovo Falcone

I’n thinking of acquiring a Nuevo Faocne any pointers I should be looking for, or questions I should be asking. Grateful for any advise .

Is it the same one I’m thinking of acquiring…??..

Perfomance may be an issue, mine seems in good shape but is not happy at much over 80kmph/50mphand while Ive not had it long, its a loveable quirky old tug.

pot metal oil filter in the sump ?oil feed conversion to rockerselectric start versioncondition of exhaust and silencercondition of rims and spokesdoes it come with handlebar fairing and leg shields, or is the owner trying to flog them later on ebay and make more moneydual seat or single seatservice manual slow economical and funseen a fair few with our dutch friends, they do terrific mileages on themTeo Lamers seems to be geared up for themavoid those crappy albanian ones that have been bigged upworth a grand max, they are donald duckedex carabinieri ones look nice
rapheal glynn2014-08-02 23:04:56

Ex Italian Army 1972, demobbed 2002. Imported U.K 2005. Leg shields/crash bars yes, faring no. Two single seats, exhaust condition fair, no dynastart, Service history.

Slow and heavy maybe…but Graham Hemshalls ‘Black Bomber’ is a corker…and theres a man who knows his Guzzi singles…guykate2014-08-03 16:56:19

MOTO GUZZI SUPER ALCE 500 in holland on german ebay, he says it is on dutch papers, not exactly a Nuovo Falcone but a decent looking single that looks in good condition for the age and price.äder&hash=item27ea9bea2eCalifornhihay2014-09-16 21:54:23

That is something else! It looks like a bag of Meccano thrown at an engine!

perhaps an ALCE just has to many parts, I like it but I am not sure why, it is not quick or designed with style.
bit like me then ----

I like it too, maybe if it was just a bit closer to home…