Nuts and bolts

Dear All

Apologies if this seems a bit of a basic question but I have aquired a couple of two strokes and a Lodola which I’m starting to get stuck into. As I will need a supply of nuts and bolts that are missing what types of thread sizes do the Italians use. Modern japanese is obviously metric and british is a a mixture of BSF / UNF and a myriad of things inbetween. Is there a supplier that could be useful?



Hi Martin

If you want stainless, try this company:Â

I use this Co. for bearings:Â

Or if you are in the South and go to bike jumbles, ‘Steve’s stainless’ has a huge selection of metric. He’s always at Kempton: and at Ardingly etc:Â and he’s very knowledgable and always knocks a few quid off if you buy lots.

Old Guzzi’s mainly use standard size metric fittings, but there are a few exceptions, for example the bolts that retain the shock absorbers at the top are M9 super fine (if memory serves) and I found that they are used on 2CV cars. I have the details somewhere if you get stuck.


The threads will all be metric but not necessarily the usual easy to find ones! Guzzi & other Italian bike manufacturers seem to have liked M7 for some fixings and they weren’t afraid of using the difficult to find fine pitch threads either!