Any one recommend a website to buy nuts’n’bolts?
My usual place is closed and searching on google is loooooong, can only seem to find sites that sell in bulk or charge a fortune for postage.
I’m sure I’ve seen a recommendation on here somewhere…

I use Bolt World for stainless fasteners and Chris Shaw for special stainless bits They both sell on eBay too if you are that way inclined! :smiley:


I use one of the ebay shops, whichever has in stock what I need. It turns up on the doorstep a couple of days later. If I need 2 or 3, I buy 10 or more as they are bound to come in handy one day and the price barely goes up for the more you buy.

I have been v impressed with

I’ve always got on well with Spalding Fasteners.

I’ve used them as well in the past too, they are good

Thank you, why bother with google when you can ask on here?
ordered with westfield :smiley:

Cheeky monkey! :laughing:

One to avoid is Screwfix.
Their A2 stainless fasteners are poor quality.

I always use Grove for their stainless fasteners. Good quality product, speedy delivery, good people to do business with.