"o" ring or paper gasket?

 Has anyone tried using an “o” ring instead of the paper gasket under the dizzy?Â
1000s engine is back together, Â (with “o” ring in place), before I go any further, Â gasket or “o” ring?Â

Stock method is paper gasket. Don’t think there’s room for an O-ring under there. I’ve always kept the stock gasket here and never had a leak that I know of ~ although there has been oil in this area, but turned out to be from old and leaky c/case breather hose joints.

HOWEVER there is an O-ring inside the dizzy itself around the shaft, check that this is OK. If not oil could leak past there and come out the bottom of the dizzy housing (it has holes in the bottom).


Have stuck with paper gaskets and smeared them with a small amount of grease to facilitate movement All the best Steve

Same method with me. have had the whole bike stripped down , frame, wheels and engine all done, what are you doing to yours Phil?

Engine is back together after head gasket failure, Â stripped all the paint off the engine/gearbox and final drive (wire brushed finnish), Â frame/swing arm and brackets blasted/powder coated mat black, new bearing etc, aiming for a monochrome motorcycle :smiley:

Mine were done satin black , wheels silver , putting on Dyna111 and wiring in another fusebox for the starter relay upgrade, optimate, direct coil feed and headlight relays, have you ever noticed when you start it grows arms and legs! :slight_smile: . I have got the earlier plastic instrument panel and the yoke without the holes at the front unlike the yoke for the the stainless panel, possibly thinking of putting higher bars on, age + comfort thing, any idea which models top yoke would fit, as I don’t really want to drill my own?, Sorry Phil not meaning to hi-jack thread.