O2 Manipulator

Slow running and closed loop mixture is a problem with the Norge because the factory set the mixture on the lean side to pass the U.S. emission tests. I spoke to a few people at the A.G.M. and said that I was working on developing a gadget to fit between the Lambda sensor and the ECU to fool the ECU into increasing the injector pulse width during the Closed Loop stage of running. I then ordered a Fatduc version but it took so long to arrive from the States that I continued with my investigations. I have now decided that I can build one here without too much trouble and have done so.
The Fatduc duly arrived yeaterday and on investigating it and fitting same to the Norge I have found that it works a treat. It turns out that it has the same effect to the one I knocked up based on my calculations.
I will therefore be making some more and selling them them.
I know it works on the Norge but I suspect it will also work on any other model of Guzzi that uses the same Lambda sensor.
Is there someone out there with a Stelvio that would like one for free to try out and let me know how it goes?
No changes to the bike are necessary so it can be tried and removed without mucking things up.

well these things were something before we were able to flash the ecu. Now with the Guzzidiag reader writer you can switch the lambda of, and adjust anything. And since it is free, why bother with hardware in between?
Things like the popping on decel can be solved and more.

I’ve had a look at your videos on U-Bend and it certainly looks good once you know what you’re on about with the mapping. However I still think a plug and play widget that does the job is a lot simpler. It’s not like it takes up any room or adds any weight and any fool can fit one without the risk of mucking up an otherwise good bike. I may be tempted to have a go at the mapping at a later date but I would need to know a lot more about it before I started fiddling about with the programming of the ECU. I think a lot of other people would feel the same, especially those like me who only know the basics of computing. I’m an electronics engineer of the old school not a computer tech.

Paul, do you know if the VDST cables work with Guzzidiag as I already have those?

No they don’t work, but the ones you need are very cheappauldaytona2013-09-22 18:55:14

Have ordered them, thanks Paul.petethebee2013-09-22 19:58:41