Odd Cali 1100i Petrol Leak

Haven’t had the cali 1100i out the for a while. Started her up and took her out the garage. Noticed petrol dripping onto the RH footboard. Switched off and investigated. Seemed to be coming from the base of the fuel injection unit, dripping off the bottom bolts. Took the plastic injection unit cover off for a closer look, but nothing obvious. Wiped it dry and started up again to see where it started from…and nothing leaking. I’ve never came across this before. Is this normal?

It can happen especially with this unleaded fuel, had similar happen on a car took it to local garage they were very surprised as it was leaking obviously, by the time they got it in and on a ramp etc the leak had stopped, never came back …but I got rid of the car.

I do know fuel lines will break down but then run fuel through and they will seem to reseal, check the fuel lines if they feel soft replace them…

How long is “a while” ? I often find there may be a problem after some months of non use, I used to try turning the taps on periodically to keep the hoses wet, however with the modern fuel I’ve now decided this is the worst thing you can do if only because of it drying out in the carbs and leaving deposits. Better then to drain the float chambers actually.

Probably been 2 months, and it was leaking from fuel injection base. Thought I would find some dodgy leaking fuel line, but nothing.

Mine used to smell of fuel and the best explanation I could come up with was that the fuel hoses were sweating They were the originals


Changed the hoses and the smell has gone away

My most common problem is the hose joints, and I guess they could be leaking unobtrusively until it’s more obviously wet looking.

The hose clamps would sometimes loosen on my Cali 1100i - tightened them. Sometimes the leak would just stop by itself. Air temperature?

Check out the article on laying up and ethanol in the Motorcycle Monthly free paper.