Official MGCGB Advice

The official advice of the MGCGB is to strictly follow Government Guidelines on this Pandemic as they evolve.
I understand that is at the moment “social distancing” as much as possible.

Here is one of the official Websites:

I appologize if I’m not being up to date on the latest developments in the UK, I live as you may know in France, and here we are confined to our homes. I follow this to the strictest, having not been out since Saturday afternoon.

Should we remove the Clox Forward rally from the homepage in that case and declare it cancelled?

I do not believe it should be run as an official club event (whatever I mean by that?). Of course, if a collective of like minded riders wished to convene at that place and time then so be it.

That is up to Serena who runs the Rally to decide! I’m waiting for instructions.

Well, the government has just ordered the immediate closure of all such venues UFN, so that’s that.

Since the government is asking us to minimise social contact as far as possible, shouldn’t meetings of any sort should be discouraged? Or am I missing something?
Maybe this will change once a significant number of people have had the virus and testing is more widely available.

Dang, I was in a pub only this afternoon!

Here is one of the official Websites: > > … t-response

Getting complicated.

My local is now delivering beer in 4 pint containers in the local area.