Oh Gamabdobreythingywotsit has arrived.

That’s my entertainment sorted while dinner arrives.

Congrats to Butch for the photos in the Essex Branch section of the mag. I will settle down to read that later.

Or maybe that is congrats for failing to send in a branch write up for the umpteenth edition running.

I wouldn’t go there, you have sent in a write up far more recently than I have, and also the others in the branch! Keep up the good work!

Another fine edition. Especially the front cover photo :laughing:

Not mine!
anyone else still waiting for their mag?

Paul H

If you live in the UK it should have arrived by now, better email Jennet our Membership Secretary (membership@motoguzziclub.co.uk) to say that you haven’t received yours and she will send you a replacement.

Cheers Uki