Oil after reassembly

California EV 2002: Having drained system, had cylinders & heads off and repaired the sump; reassembled and filled the sump again do I need to prime the system in some way or just turn the engine over for a bit before putting plugs in and starting?
Thanks in advance.

Assuming that you oiled any appropriated surfaces on assembly, I would just start the engine as normal. I wouldn’t turn the engine over with the ignition on and plugs out for fear of damaging the ignition system.
As a matter of interest, what was the reason for taking the cylinders and heads off and what happened to the sump?


When acquired many of the casings had been powder coated and in stripping the rocker box tops I found some residual blast media. This led to the scraping off of all the barrel and head paint in order to get a good key. Being a 2002 bike the crank and gearbox cases were from the pebble dash years so I scraped all loose areas back to a good edge and painted them black.

The sump had been incorrectly modified to accept the oil drains from the heads / air box and this created the same emulsification you get if a head gasket goes on a water cooled engine. This was in addition to a temperature mounting which had been done badly. I made a plug and had this welded in. The remaining hole where the returns had entered was recommissioned as the temperature sender mounting position.

I ask as I know some bikes need the oil pump priming.

With the engines I’ve built I’ve just turned them over with no plugs until the oil light went out.

Thank you Steve, why didn’t I think of that. Great.