Can someone tell me how many, where do they go? just got bike on road after a long slow process and now i have a large vent? hose running from near the headstock, along the frame and out to front of rear wheel pouring oil out. A lot of oil. Can’t be right,so, vent hoses, how many? where do they attach etc? thanks in advance.

Not Cali 2 however I ditched the air box and breather box on my T3. I made a “box” out of copper plumbing fittings but became quite a task only to find you can buy a neat box on flee bay.
Oil coming out indicates pressure on a T3 the rocker breathers can be taken out running quite a lot of air can be felt coming out of a 3mm hole. If the oil return is somehow restricted oil will be coming out of here. I heard that on some Guzzi twins it’s possible to put the base gasket on reversed blocking the oil way. HMB make a sump extension however they do t recommend more oil but say the extension helps the air pressure on a T3. Being overfill would increase pressure there’s also a ball bearing one way valve on top of the gearbox on my T3, Cali 2 ?

Regards Ratt

Is Cali 2 the “oil in frame” version? (does the breather box function)

See filter box here, completely different from T3 etc. and I can’t see where any hoses would connect to it.


Not sure but think they are all basically the same n breather is just a method of getting rid of excess pressure? The issue being that an oil mist is generated and that reference environment is usually diverted back into intake. If oil is coming out in quantity would think excessive pressure is being built up why? Or oil return restricted.

There is no reference to oil in frame in “Guzziology” nor in Ian Falloon’s “The Moto Guzzi Story” for this model, however both note the improved air filter and air box that is shown in the link you have posted, in my opinion the air box is not connected at all with this problem. But Ian Falloon notes that “from engine number 211000 the engine oil breathing was improved with vent tubes from the cylider heads”

It is possible that a previous owner has altered the breating system and removed the flap valve from the breather box (not air box) or that the flap is stuck so that oil is being dumped rather than being returned to the sump.

Do you have any photos?

Thanks for that. :slight_smile: