Oil capacity of an 850T

Hello everyone.
As a matter of course I decided to change the engine oil in the 850T I have recently acquired. Drained the old oil out. Didn’t check the volume as it has no relevance. According to the Haynes manual the 850T should have 3.5 litres of oil. I put in a measured 3.5 litres, and replaced the dipstick. Now this bike came with an aftermarket dipstick, an attractive alloy one with the lower level mark at around 8mm from the end and the upper mark at about 16mm from the end. When I checked the level on the dipstick I was surprised to see the oil was just about up to the bottom of the threads on the filler hole. On the dipstick that distance is 10 cms from the end to the start of the threads. I had filled it using a one litre measuring jug from the kitchen (the gravy doesn’t taste the same since). At this point I doubted myself and thought I had mistakenly put in 4.5 litres. Drained it and carefully refilled it to 3.5 litres with the same result. Now common sense tells me that if the manual states 3.5 litres then 3.5 it is. Am I missing something. Sorry for the lengthy explanation. Regards. Dave

3.5l is correct for an 850T unless the sump has been swapped for a later one with an oil filter as well as a mesh screen in the sump, then 3.0l is what she needs

I hope this helps

Thanks Chris. That’s put my mind at rest. I had a Le Mans mk2 years ago and before dropping the oil in the 850T I bought an oil filter from Gutsibits so was surprised when I dropped the sump to find I don’t need one. I don’t know what model the dipstick is for but now I know to keep the oil level around the bottom of the filler threads. Regards. Dave

Interesting - my 850GT (loop) has 3 litres according to the book. I thought this would be same as 850T as it is also mesh strainer and no filter.

Yep, that sounds logical.

Make sure it’s lower than the crankshaft counterweights. To be on the safe side I’m inclined to believe the 3 litres, unless can be proven otherwise. On the later big blocks with the cartridge filters it’s only 3.5 litres if the sump has been taken off and all its galleries drained, washed out and a new filter installed. IIRC.

Yes it is the same capacity

Funny though if the oil filter is full of oil it will make no difference to the total volume?

Now I really don’t know. At first, Chris you confirm what the manual says for an 850T is correct at 3.5l and then, if I am reading it right you say that Ranton rambler is correct with the 850GT having the same capacity as the 850T at 3.0l. Again, I don’t know whether to blindly follow the manual or follow my instinct that the oil level should be lower than the bottom of the filler threads. Here’s me thinking how simple it is with a dipstick with a high and low mark. I suppose the only way I can find out how far down the crankshaft counterweights reach is to drop the sump again. Regards.

Sorry, my bad, V7 Sport, 750S, 850T all 3.5l, later models 3.0l. I cannot find the earlier loop frame capacity details

Factory manual for loop says 3 litres, for 700, 750 and 850 versions.
I changed my 850GT’s oil the other day so I’ll have a look and see where the level is in relation to the threads. (If I remember)
I can’t remember whether you’re supposed to read the dipstick with it screwed in or not.

The plot thickens. The manual is a definite 3.5l but this seems at odds with the oil level reaching the bottom of the filler threads, regardless of any markings on the dipstick. I think I should just ride it.

What the manual says could be a mistake of course. :smiley:

Except that the factory manual, Haynes manual and Mick Falloons book “The Moto Guzzi Story” all give the same ammounts. I think you are just trying to stir things up Mike!

Ha ha Mike. Good point. However, I have to go with Chris on this one. If the manuals were wrong I think someone would have shed light on it long ago. My dipstick is an aftermarket one and although you would think it’s marked correctly it doesn’t relate to the oil quantity shown in the manual. Then again I don’t know it’s for an 850T. But it appears that the quantities for different models are mostly 3.0l or 3.5l neither of which come anywhere near the dipstick markings.

I had a look at my 850GT (loop) today, which had an oil change about 200 miles ago. Refilled with 3 litres according to factory manual. This puts the oil level about halfway between the marks on the original dipstick. Can’t see the oil down the dipstick hole so not lapping up the threads.
Just for completeness I also looked in my books.
Factory manuals for loop and Spada both say 3 litres, but Haynes manual says 3.5 for older versions without filter and 3.0 for later with filter.