Oil change question - Cali 1100i

I probably should know this … but don’t

Just about to do a complete oile and filter change and know that attached to the sump is a round thing held in place with a bolt and tab washer

The question is

a) what is it
b) does it need to come off for cleaning/servicing


It’s a mesh filter that stops carbon and such, if it’s dirty take it off and wash it in petrol then blow it out, if you can see it’s clean I’d just leave it.

It’s the coarse filter that prevents the bigger stuff getting into the galleries, (don’t forget the pump needs some protection), aka ‘sump strainer’. I generally find that washing out the sump with e.g. petrol / paraffin mix with a decorator’s paint brush is sufficient, as you can brush the outside of the gauze, haven’t normally needed to take it off. One exception was when my cam follower collapsed, all the broken bits and swarf were gathered around the gauze filter, so was best take it out for a more thorough clean. But the filter did its job! HTH

I thought it was the origonal filter before they fitted proper ones.However the above is correct.

You’re right it was. The cartridge filter is ‘extra’.

The idea while you have the sump out is to clean it, parrafin or petrol is fine but make sure it is dry before you pop it back and take care to make sure it is set correctly.

I tend to drop the sump every other oil change, mind I fitted an external oil filter many years ago but I still only swap it out every other oil change the UFI filter is good for well over 20,000 miles in a BIG V8 motor so is well up to the distance of 2 oil changes.

Dropping the sump does let you see what is in there and clean out any sludge if it is only been on short hops especially in the colder months i usually do my oil changes about now around when the MOT is due , it all goes quite nicely

GB - is that as in seated down properly or is there some dimension I need to acheive

I don’t remember seeing anything about this any any manual so thanks everyone for the guidance

I think GB is talking about cleaning the sump itself.Personally I have only done this oncs, when my timing gears disintergrated, otherwise the oil drains away leaving the sump clean.

This may sound totally silly BUT I have seen it done the gauze screen has aU shape in it to fit over the “tunnel” in the sump make sure it is sat correctly and do NOT forget the tang on the bolt. I HAVE seem one forced in on a bike I kid you not.

ALSO when I first got my V1000 it had stood a few years and there was consuderable sludge in the sump which quite appaled me, never seen it since BUT I do ride mine alot.

If you buy an older bike and do not really know the history then it is well worth checking the sump for the cost of time and gaskets and a filter and oil it could save the engine.

Right OH

I’ll check it/remove to clean this week end

Thanks all