Oil Cooler Fan

Does your oil cooler fan ever come on? I was surprised that after a fast 2 hour run on a warm day, ending with 20 minutes of slow traffic, the fan didn’t come on with my Norge. I also don’t recall it coming on at all during last years very warm summer. With the full fairing the Norge generally runs hot. If your fans come on then maybe I should test mine. Touring in Spain this summer where it is going to be hotter still.

Fit an Oil Temp Gauge Jeff, you’ll most likely find it’s not getting very hot.
The 1200 8V Engines are over-cooled, as far as the oil is concerned.

Before I made the Thermostat for my Stelvio, the Oil temp would rarely get beyond 80°C or so in cooler weather (12°C-ish).

Synthetic Oils are made to run (and work best) at around 120°C or so.

There are owners on my FB Stelvio Group that ride in very hot climates (Australia, South Africa, South-Western U.S.), and never have any problems in 40°+ heat.