oil feed pipe o-rings

Just about got my 2V 1200 sport rebuilt after some restoration.

I would like to renew the 4 O-rings that go onto the oil cooler radiator pipes where they go into the sump.

I’ve tried most of the spares places but they don’t seem to be sold separately from the pipes.

If anyone knows where I could get some or what size they are, I would be most grateful.



Check the internet for industrial supplies rather than automotive.
RS components or Buck & Hickman have vast engineering supplies.
Measure the inside diameter plus thickness of the ‘O’ ring.(take wear into account)
The only problem you’ll get is that they may sell the kit which contains the complete range of ‘O’ rings
rather than individual sizes.

Make sure you get viton O rings, rubber ones will not cut it.

Take Duffos advice Viton is safe to about 180’ C ; as standard ‘O’ rings ( Nitrile rubber) is good to 120 'C
Just to let you know from 2nd Feb in LIDL they sell ‘O’ ring kits for £5.99 Metric & English (420 piece sets) probably Nitrile rubber ; not quite what you need perhaps but good for general maintenance.

Have a look through the illustrated parts manual and you can find the part numbers for the O rings, I got mine either from Fowlers, TLM or Gutzibits. However in the parts list some of the sizes are stated so that you can try external suppliers such as simply bearings. I would have given a couple of part numbers but I have a 8V sport and potentially the parts may be different.

Just checked my supplier for Guzzi parts;------ A J SUTTON . They have what you want £1.94 each which includes VAT & delivery. I believe you need 4 for the 2v model or 2 for the 8v model ( different piping arrangement.)
Check the exploded views on the part thumbnails (item #2) for both bikes.
On A J Sutton website you can key-in your Reg.# & it will auto direct you to the correct page if you wish.
Double check what I’ve said about 4 off or 2 off seals.

Many thanks folks


Check the thickness and then the ID as the BS/ISO standard has them in thickness families with a range of standard ID sizes