oil filter (sucked or Blown)

Hi, still rebuilding my v700!!! and want to fit an oil filter (rather than the horrid mesh it has now) Does anybody know if it is possible for the oil pump to “suck” oil through a filter then pump it on, rather than force the oil through the filter after being pumped? I know this is not as easy as it sounds but I believe it’s possible, depending on the restriction through the filter?
Any views would be appreciated.

I don’t know the details, but there’s a guy on the ‘other forum’ who runs a Guzzi shop in the USA called Antietam Cycles. I think he calls himself Amboman on there. Website is http://www.antietamclassiccycle.com/id28.htm

On his website he shows an Eldorado engine which was converted to take a later sump with a filter - the text under the photo says “Done: reground crankshaft rod journals, 88mm Gilardoni “big bore” cylinder kits, 850T3 rocker arms. The engine case was drilled for a later oil filter equipped sump as well.”

The simple answer is no. Unless a very large filter Is fitted with no bypass valve. This large filter would be needed in order to provide the flow required on the low pressure side of the pump.The compact modern filters filter to such an extent that in order to produce the flow required they are designed to be fed by the high pressure side of the pump. If fitted on the low side cavitation may also result within the pump resulting in reduced flow and potential engine damage. The best setup would be to maintain the gauze filter which feeds the pump (which can actually cope with fairly large particles but not silly large hence the gauze) then flow to the filter then the engine. If the engine has a separate bypass valve then the filter will be a full flow. If not many filters have a built in spring arrangement which allows full unfiltered flow in case the filter blocks. The last case would very unlikely to happen unless the engine was deliberately not maintained.
Hope this is useful.

Yes I would say yikes no don’t try it.

EDIT: the idea of using a later type sump tho is OK, if possible.

Hi, thanks guys, I think I guessed as much! I have a new pump coming but can not see a way of getting a finer filter in after the pump. Thanks Ranton Rambler will check that guy out, certainly seems to know his Guzzi’s! will keep you all posted.

Look at Greg Bender’s site " This Old Tractor" It is possible but requires some drilling to open up passages etc. I would like to do it too but don’t feel confident enough.

as my dad used to say
what you dont fit cant break
and if it works why change it
he was a toolmaker so I guess a lifetime in engineering taught him a few facts

The ideal is to pull the motor apart…clean out the sludge trap…stick a set of shells in it assuming crank ok…then if no visible damage elsewhere…run it…changing the oil regular…we do ours 1000 miles…at most 2000 kilometers…
How many people do such big mileages these days on bikes…
Tis a big expensive job this…

Should Ibe replacing shells? All seemed fine before being dismantled.

Talking shells, did you know they’re sold and priced individually? Or at least they were when I replaced them on my Convert. I had to order four. Why? Who on earth would replace half a big end?? It’s a bit like selling one half of a plier…

There used to be a neat German kit that included rods of plasticine type material that could be fitted to the big end, the shells were then fitted and the big ends bolted up to correct torque. On dis-assembly the squashed plasticine width could be read off a chart to give the clearance.

That’s called Plastigage I think, and is still available.