oil filter

hi all has any one used the hiflo oil filter part number HF552 on le mans v etc thanks.

I stick to what Gutsibits recommend. I wouldn’t risk my engine on some alternative for the sake of saving a couple of squid.
UFI 2314900 I have just received a new one, awaitng fitting. That’s for my Spada, round barrel engine, no sump extension.

hi don-spada the cost was not the question and i think that you will find that gusibits have and sell other makes of filters for the said bike. hiflo have been making filters from 1955 and suppling the motor industry (o.e.m) from 1963 they also sponsor tag racing pr kawasaki and a lot more i was only asking if some body had used them on there guzzi.

Not wishing to appear to add fuel to a debate (if there is one), just to mention that my X10 scooter uses a Hi-Flo cartridge, seems very well made, the rubber sealing ring comes already oiled with a peel-off protective plastic film over it! Never seen that before. :smiley:

But surely only the MoCo offers the option of a chromed filter?

I have used one of these Hi Flo filters on my Spada for the last couple of years with no problems. I have a Harpers sump extension with external oil filter fitted to the bike & Harpers recommend the Hi Flo filter for use with their sump extension. Hi Flo are oem suppliers for many motorcycle manufacturers so I would think that quality shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t think they are significantly cheaper than UFI. I also previously used UFI for on the bike for years with no problems. I would now be happy to use either brand.