Oil leak EV Cali Bevel box

Howya all, Have a friend with a leaking bevel box. Has a breather fitted. Has replaced the seals umpteen times, only issue is box gets hot after a long drive. As in engine type hot. Surely this is not normal is it? All going on he is prepared to buy a bevel box if anybody has one. Think he tried reboot and gutsibits

I’ll defer to longer term owners on this but very good pieces on rebuilding them by Pete Roper:
plus this

that last is my page. :smiley:

Mine used to get flippin’ hot regular like that every time too, then tried 85W-140 gear oil plus 5cc of “double-strength” Molyslip. After that it never exceeded luke warm. Honestly didn’t believe the difference it made.

Re the seals, the shafts can get scored and roughed up, e.g. the output shaft where the large seal goes, especially if dirt has got in, then not too much can be done about that however the last large seal I bought had an extra lip added to the outer side, i.e. facing the wheel hub, which did help keep the oil in.


Well thanks Mike, that and the two from Pete were very useful when I was rebuilding the transmission on the Le Mans!