Oil Level Quantity, Min to Max

Can anybody tell me how much engine oil is required to raise the oil level from the bottom of the level sight glass to the top?

I never fill to the top, but 100ml used to take it from bottom to 2/3s when I measured. Now I just use an oil can and keep squrting until it’s just over half way (next to the middle metal fin beside the window roughly).

If you want to measure, I used a jug with 500ml in, poured in until I got the level I wanted, then look at what was left in the jug to work out how much went in.


10ml disposable plastic pipette is the answer. No funnel required and a more accurate measurement than squinting at a measuring jug which then needs cleaning.

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Very slow though! Maybe a 50ml would speed things up

You can get large colostomy syringes up to about 300ml which are great for getting the oil into the hole.