Oil lift

I’ve been looking for something to absorb spilled oil and, hopefully, ‘lift’ oil which has seeped into paving.
Lots of chemicals out there but I wanted the kind of granules that we used in the steelworks.
Hey presto! cat litter.
Works really well and cheap as chips.
Feel free to post your objections and sarcastic comments … elsewhere :slight_smile:
Have fun

Very handy stuff, cat litter, members of our model boat club used to bury radio control components, which had taken a “dunking”, in a box of cat litter. Good as new within a day.

Good point.
Must remember that for miscellaneous dunked equipment :nerd:

Better for the environment than the Stone Cleaner fluid from DIY outlets.
That stuff evaporates through the tin bottle *takes another sniff :laughing:

Washing powder is also good used it many times with perfect results.
Use the traditional hand wash type not the automatic powder.

Good one :bulb: