oil light and brake light switch- T3 etc

Just renewed oil light and brake light switches on a T3, both found at the local car shop, ‘Facet’
brand oil light switch made in Italy part number 7.0001/F they also
had Intermotor oil switch part number 50570, both are the same as Guzzi
switch but use spade connector instead of the bullet type connectors.
There are other brands
apart from the Intermotor/Facet, there is Cubelm and also Raven both
are as the Intermotor ‘part number 5057’, the Cubelm one is marked up
as 'Fiat 500,600 850, 126 (ex BIS) 850T and 900T, cost was £2.50 at a
auto jumble, the last switch 50570 he had.Brake light switch is Intermotor part number 51650.I
have used the above items over the years, they might or might not be
cheaper or better than those items from the normal Guzzi places but if
its a matter of you want it yesterday your local car shop is a good bet
for the above items.

northwest2013-12-06 21:14:44

Oil Pressure switch also known as XOPS8

Intermotor items also on Amazon! And aceparts.com