Oil Pressure Switch.

Noticed a slight Oil leak on my '09 Stelvio a couple of weeks ago, on the L/H side, coming from up in the ‘V’.
Thought it would most likely be the Oil Pressure Switch.
No problem I thought, I’ll just strip the Plastics off, lift the Tank, nip it up, and/or replace the Gasket.
Turns out the Gasket was fine, the Switch was leaking through the Body.
That was Friday.
I’m off to the Adventure Bike Rider Festival on Friday, so too late really for ebay/mail-order.

Did some searching, found it’s the same unit as used on most BMW cars, as well as some Land Rovers, Honda Accords, and most of the later Rovers.

Picked one up locally Sunday morning, from a car spares place.
I had a long list of cross-reference numbers to give them, they matched it with the first one.
Blue Print ADJ136601.
Full list;
It’s slightly longer than the original, but fits fine.
Connector Plug goes straight on.
Thread is 12mm x 1.5mm pitch.
Normally Closed (NC) Contacts.
Opens at 0.3-0.5 bar (4-7 psi)

They’re simply an ON/OFF Switch, so the actual figure is unimportant, they’re all around the same pressures, it just tells the ECU that the Engine is spinning.

Important point to look for if searching.
The Switch is a ‘Normally Closed’ (NC) type, i.e. it’s ‘ON’ (passes current) until the Oil pressure exceeds the rated figure.
Almost all the ones I looked at were NC, but there are a few that are the other way round, normally ‘open’.

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Thanks for this, v useful, especially as I think this is quite a common problem.

Thanks excellent info and helpful… I will order one this week.