Oil questions

IF you are not sure WHAT oil to put in your Guzzi here are a few tips:-

  1. Call your local dealer and ASK them what they use, you may even find they stock it and are compedetive. After all that is what has been put in when it was serviced.

  2. Call Opie oils they will reccomend alternatives and give club members a discount

Do a quick search on the forum, the question has come up many times.

I hope this helpsguzzibear2012-08-06 19:09:47

If you’re hoping to prevent people starting new oil threads I think you’re flogging a dead horse

Damn bubbled

I wouldn’t put too much credence on what the dealer says. Two bods I spoke to in the spares departments of dealers near to me thought my Stelvio and other modern 8v motors were ok on 10/40 semi synthetic, ‘It’s what we put in all our bikes’ I often find a lot of ignorance at various m/cycle shops I visit, don’t these businesses invest in any technical training?

Guzzi sent out a service release on what oils to use on the new bikes. But you can send all sorts of bits of paper out, you can’t get the b***ers to read it.Opie oils actually have the wrong information about the CARC Guzzis too.

Just about to order some oil from Opie, and I noticed this thread…How does the Club discount at Opie’s work - is there a discount code I can enter for an On-line order, or do I have to phone them and give my membership number?(I’ve searched the Forum, Club website and back issues of Gambalunga, but can find no answer…)Cheers,Ade.

I phoned them did it over the phone quick delivery and real good people to talk to they added the Club discount after any discounts on the order

You basically have to tell them you are a club member.

Job done - they told me there is a club discount code, but currently they have a better offer with 20% off everything, so I used that instead.Cheers!