Oil supply to inlet valve on NF

I’ve recently acquired a 1969 NF and know very little about them. I am trying to ascertain if my bike has the modified oil supply to the inlet valve. The only external oil line to the cylinder head I have noticed is the pipe shown in the photograph. The photo is of the right hand side of the head. I think I have located this pipe in the parts list so I am assuming it is a standard part and not a modification but I’m far from sure. Any views please would be most welcome, plus any advice, information and opinions on the modification of the inlet valve oil supply would be much appreciated, thanks for looking you.



no photo
the oil feed pipe will all be external and be linked from original destination to the tappet cap on the inlet, do not fit one with a big hole in it as it drains the oil from crank etc it needs i think a tiny restrictor hole (1mm sticks in mind) but need to check

Thanks for the reply Ray. I can see the photo in my message directly above your reply . I’ll pm you a copy.


There is a thriving singles group within the Club the singles rallies are well worth attending and some of the knowlegable singles owners attend shows like The BMF on the Club stand.

Mike Lacey has many informative leaflets re singles some translated for very little cost he advertises in the Club Magazine

this is wierd i can see no photo yet when i post it on mine it apears at the front post

looks to me to have been modified alreadt thear are two places that the oil feed goes to

There is a Google Guzzi singles group with plenty of informative folk on for further advicehttp://groups.google.com/group/guzzi-singles?hl=en

Hi Martin I can confirm that your picture do not show the after market oil extension pipe going to the inlet valve. I recently bought 1 from

Oil pipe (modified) falcone nf
Part number: 101536010010

a definite worthwhile mod


Thanks for the information Tony I really appreciate it, I’m off to your link now.


Last i looked they have 1 in stock, I bought 1 from them in Dec 2012. I am having fun and games with mine just now, trying to split the crank cases.

Have now placed the order, not cheap though, 100 euros! Guess I’m eating beans-on-toast until the end of the month.
I wish you luck with the crank cases. I saw your other thread, nothings ever simply is it?

And I haven’t ever ridden it yet. My one is a Yugo import, military version. The inlet valve is scored in the tip and the rocker is damaged, the inlet valve guide also worn, I think they were too busy trying not to be killed to bother such things as changing the oil. But the inlet valve oil in a well know problem and most of them have the extra pipe. a 5 minute job. There are a few of us in UK with one of these and I suspect we might find a few more as http://manxdirect.com/a-rare-find.html imported quite a few of these, but no I did not get mine from them.
I am in kent are you near?

I’m in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. I got mine recently from John at Made in Italy. Fortunately it is in excellent condition with little mileage and it’s in Italian red which is a bonus. Built in 1969, as far as I’m aware only eight were built in that year, and imported into the country in 2001 by John himself. I did look at manxdirect but went with Made in Italy in the end.

Made in Italy is a most dangerous place to visit, they have some many fine machines there, may end up eating bake beans for a very long time.

what about the oil strainers on these bikes were they not made of mazac or soemthing that broke up ?
can you get a replacement one ?

You’re right they do break up. I have read that a plastic replacement was made but also that they - whoever they were - do not make them now. I have noticed that some suppliers do stock strainers for the NF but have not as yet tried to ascertain what they’re constructed of. Also I have yet to have a look at what type my NF is equipped with at the moment, hopefully it will already have a plastic strainer fitted by a previous owner, if not then some further research will be needed.Snowgoose2013-01-11 20:43:53

I wonder wether it would be practical to get one made out of stainless steel mesh lazer cut ?
I recall a friend purchased one many years back and the engine rattled
we found the mesh had entered the oil flow and starved it of lubricant
also the mileage shown on the speedo bore little relation to the actual machine for some reason
Teo Lamers did all the bits we needed

That’s interesting. I have also read about the strainer material disrupting oil flow, apparently as the flow is not particularly strong it’s easy to do so. I have seen an external filter kit for sale on a German website to convert the NF to full flow external cartridge filter. I wonder if fitting such a system might negate the need for a strainer completely? Teo Lamers have a strainer listed under a new part number but state ‘please make contact’ I think I’ll send them an email.Snowgoose2013-01-12 17:20:55