Oil warning lightBreva750

Hi there, I picked up my first Moto Guzzi today and rode it home about 70 miles. Stopped for half an hour a mile short of home. Tried to start it to complete the trip and the engine ran for a second or 2 then stopped and will not start. The Oil warning light is on. There is plenty of nice clean oil on the dip stick.
Can anybody give me advice. This is not a great introduction to the marque.
The bike is a 2007 Breva 750 with 2200 ish miles on the clock. Its in very good condition with service history etc.

did you purchase it from a dealer ?/
are there any marks on the engine where gasket goo has been used ?
is the oil between the marks on the cross hatching ?
they dont have very much oil in them, but if its full then it should not be a problem
mine occasionally used to come on when the engine was very hot
is the bike turning over ok, could just be a sticky starter motor
other thing, have you got plenty of fuel in the tank

did you remember to lift up the sidestand before pulling away ? it has a cut out linked to the gearlever, the cut outs can corrode and give this problem

also fuel filters are a problem on earlier ones, but if it has been serviced it should have been replaced

when you turn the ignition on, can you hear the fuel pump running ? there is a cut out switch under the seat, if it has been moved from its rubber housing that will stop the fuel pump

its probably something very stupid

also check the fuses, to make sure non are blown or corroded

I have owned one for 20 years, and am used to its funny ways

ps does it have an immobiliser fitted ? I had to remove mine as it had corroded and kept stopping the engine

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Thanks for your reply, but I have cured the problem, it was caused by an idiot (me) I had accidently knocked the kill switch and imobilised the engine. In my defence, I had just spent 3 hours wriggling through the monster traffic jam caused by the M6 closure at Preston and am unfamiliar with the bike. Reading the manual tonight.
Sorry to have wasted your time.


You havent wasted my time, I am always happy to answer questions
I live in Gloucestershire if you ever want to pop round and pick my brains
and I have a very good technician who looks after my bike
25 years ago, I nearly gave myself a heart attack trying to bump start a K100RS
the previous day it had been ridden all the way from Canterbury with no problems

after nearly killing myself, my wife asked if the kill switch was on !!!
the horrible little kids from the local estate had been climbing all over it, and had flicked the kill switch, as well as scratching it !!!
my wide had threatened to go round to their estate and climb on their parents cars !!
they all had big flash high end motors !!


Thete is a recognised mod *for quote a few models including the Breva) of talking power straight from the battery with an in line to the power input on the starter relay. Stops the situation of pressing the starter button.and only getting a click from the relay but no starter turning action.

already done on mine, but the valeo starter motors are rubbish and prone to ingesting water and then seizing up

Lol I’ve done that on a bike once and pushed it home in the dark only to discover my mistake the next day :smiley:

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Been there done that.
Unsure whether I felt relieved or a wally. Decided it was really funny in the end. In my case it was handlebar muff had nudged the kill switch.
Ride safe