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I’m sure this topic has been discussed at length elsewhere before, but I’d welcome some comments and advice regarding tuning modules for my 55 plate Breva 750. The bike has done just over 4000 miles.

In it’s standard state the bike has the usual sensitive throttle and jerky pickup, especially at low speeds and around town.Â

A friend has loaned me a new ‘Booster Plug’, the specific unit for the Breva. http://www.boosterplug.com/shop/boosterplug-moto-guzzi-364p.html
After installing it and locating the temp sensor in a suitable position I have done about 50 miles with it. Unfortunately, with the exception of markedly improving acceleration, the other affects are all negative. Slow running on minimal throttle makes the bike virtually unrideable and it feels as though it is just about to run out of fuel.

I guess the other alternative would be Finebau Forge unit. Any feedback on this unit or other solutions would be much appreciated.

I’ve been really pleased with the bike since buying it in January, so it would be good to improve/eliminate this annoying characteristic.Â


No complaints with the FF unit on my V7 Stone (mk1). Clear instructions, good workmanship and backup from “the man”.
Whether his modules suits your particular machine - well I don’t know. I would however, suggest a trip to the dealer and a connect up to the computer first. If the tuning is off then any module will only make marginal improvements IMHO. Similarly air filter changed, valves set right and maybe even fuel filter changed then plug in the computer- see what gives, apply tweaks then try again and IF it needs it then pay out to Mr Shaw.
I find Guzzi diag worth playing with btw.

That’s a good point re the dealer visit. The normal servicing on the bike is fairly up to date, but I had thought it could be interesting to get it connected to their diagnostics.
I know some vehicle systems can be re-mapped to alter issues like throttle sensitivity etc, but I suspect this system is fairly basic.

I’ve also fitted a K+N air filter, saves on the irritation of changing it and does give more power.

The sensors should be checked by the diagnostics, especially the throttle position sensor as if it is incorrectly set then any other map applied may give the same issues. A factory map may be available which does the business and plugging in to it, by a good Guzzi tech, with the right gizmo, should a) tell you what version is in the ecu and b)offer you any new version that is available.

It does appear like the engine is lean at low rpm from your account and so I would check the valves; maybe even set the gaps “generously” (ba’hair wider) and get the TPS checked for its (milli)voltage at throttle closed (any enrichment off too) and wide open, with and with out engine running. The battery is in good nick I take it, and the motorcycle starts ok?

If all else fails then custom remapping could be considered.Â

Thanks Guys

I think a dealer visit is in order first, so I Â know where I am with the current settings.


you need to run the bike in first
mine took around 8K before it loosened up properly
after that it got smoother and runs better

And again at 15,000 and again at 25,000 miles.

As an update, I have now swapped the Booster Plug for the popular Finebau Forge unit.

I know it’s a cliche, but it has literally transformed the bike.

The slow speed running is virtually perfect. Riding around town and at slower speeds is much more relaxed, and it is now a pleasure when short-shifting and using the torque, which comes in lower down the rev range and more strongly than my 850T. I couldn’t be more pleased with it.


Thanks for the update, mirrors experience with Finebau Forge module I fitted to my V7 Classic.


I had exactly the same problems with my Breva. Fit the FF unit and I knew from the first fire it had made a difference. Now I have had it on for a while I really appreciate the change in the characteristics of the bike, either pootling round town or giving it a handful out of a corner when having a blast, it now just works. Alot of peeps don`t believe you when you tell them the difference in the bike.


I’d be interested to know what settings users tend have the unit set at. Mine is still on the default setting, with switches 1 and 8 on, but it is tempting to have a play?


Hi Pete, mine also in use unadjusted. While there are occasions (eg cold engine trying to comply to a 20mph zone in 2nd) when the running is a little hesitant, I’m not motivated to tinker and possibly spoil a very good thing. These moments soon pass. If I had a different pattern of use, or the first mile out of my garage was gravel, that’s another matter.

If you can remember the default is 1 & 8, you can try what you like and easily restore it to 1 & 8 if no other suits :smiley:

That’s right Mike. It seems a shame not make use of the adjustability of the unit. It’s easy to restore to default setting.

Has anyone noticed a change in mpg?

If there is a penalty in thirstiness it’s lost in the benefits of having a responsive engine giving smooth power.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if mpg is improved, simply because of it’s using the fuel more efficiently. (aka ‘more power’)