Older guzzis needed for a rally

Four more places have been allocated at the Lord Mayors show on Saturday the 11th
if any riders would like to join us on historic singles, from three wheelers to the little 2 strokes please let me know
and I can forward your details
needs to be sorted quickly due to security checks

Can you advise as to where and when one meets up and will there be van parking.
Too far to ride the Falcone up for an event and the Ercole would be great but it’s big, very slow and would take two days to get there.
Just been chatting with the new Lord Mayor as he’s an old friend of mine.

Seems my 60 year old Falcone meets the ULEZ criteria (hmm) but it appears that I have to pay a congestion charge to ride it. Is this your understanding.

There’s no congestion charge in London for motorbikes


Oh yes there is !!!
my 2003 breva Euro 3 gets hit
thanks Mayor Khan you scheming money grabbing Lawyer

That’s probably ulez, not congestion charge

He’s ulez exempt as a historic tax status vehicle but thought he had to pay the c charge, which motorbikes are exempt from.

Vehicles included are:

  • Motorcycles
  • Mopeds
  • Motorised tricycles
  • Quadricycles (L-category)

Minimum emissions standards

All vehicles need to meet Euro 3 emissions standards for NOx.

The ULEZ is enforced based on the declared emissions of the vehicle rather than the age but, generally, Euro 3 engines are those registered with the DVLA after July 2007.

Check your vehicle to see if you are affected. If the checker says your vehicle is subject to ULEZ but you think it does meet the standards, follow the steps on the results page to send us proof.

Check your vehicle now
its still a charge for using the roads I have paid to use, on a compliant motorcycle
by a scheming money grabber, who gets carted around in a 5 tonne armoured, buller proof 6 litre range rover, along with two other vehicles with armed coppers
meanwhile kids stab each other on the streets !!
all part and parcel of living in a big City !

See edit above, you’re talking about a different tax.

beans and peas to be pedantic
its still a charge, on a fully compliant motorcycle, that when I registered it in France, they registered it without a problem !
I just dont like money grabbing lawyers and masonic organisations that create jobs for each others mates
and everyone is paying for his white elephant

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I get it, I live on the edge of the zone and have to be very specific with visitors on which roads to use and which to avoid. For example Chingford station road is outside the zone but the cul de sacs coming off it to the north, including the co op car park have all got cameras on them.

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I checked on the TFL website and the congestion charge is still in operation as well as the ULEZ, however Motorcycles are exempt from the congestion charge
weirdly you can drive a range rover top of the range 3 tonne lump of pig iron in and its exempt if its new, mostly with one person in it and spitting out fumes, because the engine is not up to temperature ?