Older small block luggage

Spent ages trying to find panniers that work on my v35. Wanted something that did not need me to mod my bike too much and something that looked good when the panniers removed.

Got genuine V7 Stone Hepco and Becker frames along with some 30l junior panniers

Rack need the bottom arms extending about 6" and the top mounts re sculpting

Narrowed the indicators with some m10 bolts with a 5mm hole drilled through to get the cables through

only niggle in whole process was finding out that the frames were plastic coated and having to burn off the plastic before i could power coat them

Looks alright to me! Looks very like my set-up.

very pleased with results. Pillion happy to as set rack position with her on!

That’s a nice and neat modification what’s the bike handle like fully loaded with pillion and luggage


Like it :smiley:
Have you tried the aerosol plastic coating from B&Q? Pretty sure it’s called Plastikote.
Have had good results to date.
All the best

handles a treat loaded, especially with new hagons

its powercoat not paint on the racks, get done free at work

word of warning hepco plastic dip the black frames and needs burning off before you can paint or power coat

I always found my Veefer to be a bit flappy at the bars when loaded up with pillion and luggage …

Nice job and very tidy bike.
Good one.

cheers Ian

will park her next to your breva at next clock’s rally :wink:

Very neat job - well done.

I recently spent some time adapting a pair of the old fibre glass flip top panniers to fit the H&B frame on my 850T. Jobs like this always take quite a lot more time than you think, but it’s well worth it in the end.