Online source for ali/copper crush washer

I need to stock up on various sizes of aluminium and/or copper crush washers. Can anyone recommend a good online source with a wide choice? Thanks!

Have you considered using Doughty (Dowty) Washers?

I was going to suggest that too.

Dowty washers have a built in ‘O’ ring and are much better that standard crush washers.

There are quite a few ebay sellers. That’s where I get mine.

As far as I remember the larger filler plugs are 20mm and the smaller plugs are 10mm but check that to be sure.

But are they suitable for brake lines, the other common use for crush washers?

Thanks for the suggestions. I need them mainly oil lines on older bikes where the fitting butts up to a slightly machined surface on a crankcase. Not sure what the advantages of having a built in o-ring are, if the crush washer does the job anyway? More to go wrong?italianmotor2014-01-11 13:05:25

I wouldn’t have said there was more to go wrong, but if it’s for a situation where you would not be touching it again for a very long time, I doubt there would be any advantage.


I agree. But make sure you are getting the right type.Try this link

Brian UK2014-01-12 23:17:20

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Link corrected.