Open House

Anybody plans for going to the open house next month? I hope to visit do you need to book a factory tour or just turn up?
Any plans for a club lunch on Friday or Saturday?

I’m hoping to get there. Not sure if you need to book, found this info which suggests you can just turn up, Saturday looks best.

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There isn’t really much to book, unless you want to get your bike checked over by Guzzi mechanics on the spot, though naturally places for that are limited. It’s a free for all in the best sense and a lot of what you might call fringe, across the whole of the (small) town.

I’ve been twice and covered Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Weekend days were most fun as so many riders from all over Italy and beyond the Alps make a weekend trip of it. Perhaps last year wasn’t typical as it was the delayed centenary but I’ll do it again when I can. Booking accommodation is necessary though!

I will be going. I see there is a parking area for The Clan. Question - Do I need to join The Clan or is MG Club UK membership accepted?

The MGCGB is not affiliated to “The Clan”, so I would think it is a no, unless you are persuasive…

Thanks Uki. My Italian’s not good enough to blag it, in fact I feel great to order a coffee and not get milk (one for the latte drinkers out there)

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Very easy to join The Clan
But parking area is minute and fills up by mid morning
It’s Italy so park anywhere! Bikes are all over town

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Friday 8th there will be an informal gathering of MGCGB members and friends at Cafe Roma, Piazza Roma from 12 noon. May be repeated on Saturday if that’s the consensus today.

I will be visiting Openhouse tomorrow Saturday but hope to see the factory and Clan stand first so I dont know how long that will take.
Keep me posted if you’re meeting again I hope to be about the town all day wearing my club GB cap so give me a call if you see me. This my first time here so I am excited. Passed by on the train last night 9.30. My wife and I are staying in Bellano but I will on my own on Saturday.
Hope to catch some of you guys tomorrow.

Do you know how many club members are about the town?
I am from N. Ireland and don’t know of anyone else that’s here.

My first time too. I really want to see the factory and wind tunnel. I dont know anyone either. My wife is with me. I was going to wear a club polo shirt but it might be a bit hot. I’ll keep a lookout for you.

If anyone has any tips on where to park let me know

Had a great day. Went to the Roma but didnt get there until 15:15 and they were closing. Did see a GB reg Bellagio parked around the corner.

Sorry to have missed you. I got to Roma while some of the folk were still there and it was nice some other club members from the Stafford, Pennine, and West London dispersed, Thanks for the pint! James

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