Output shaft oil seal

I have been renovating an old 1983 V65C and went for a run today after about 30 miles I discovered an oil leak coming from the rubber boot between the gearbox and the swinging arm it was a substantial leak so pulled it apart when I got back home , looking into where the output shaft oil seal is I can see where its leaking and it looks to me as though the seal is in the wrong way round ie the spring that pulls/squeezes the seal onto the shaft is facing outwards towards the swinging arm, surely the seal should have the spring side of the seal facing the gearbox internals that way any gearbox pressure build up would only tighten the seal onto the shaft, whereas if the seal is in the wrong way round it would cause the oil to blow past the seal.
I have attached a picture hope it works comments on whether I am right or wrong would be appreciated

Looks like I cant upload the picture.

Would concur, spring side of seal should face inwards to gearbox.
Cheers, Gerry.

Eventually got the gearbox apart to replace the oil seal only to discover that the spacer/ring that the seal sits on is damaged looks like it was caused by water/rust , I have tried to remove the spacer/ring but it appears to be seized on the shaft, I think that the spacer should come off the drive shaft end but I am not inclined to give it some welly with a hammer I have tried heat but that does nothing either anyone had a similar problem and how did you cure it.