Oxford - Broad Street Motorcycle Parking now suspended

For those of you who might trundle into Oxford on occasion, and perhaps park in Broad Street (by far and away the largest motorcycle parking facility, I think, in Central Oxford) - this facility has now been entirely removed. The whole of Broad Street is to be transformed into a “public space” so all parking facilities (cars, too) now suspended.

Of the motorcycle parking, they say, “Relocation of existing motorcycle bay to St Giles” - whether this is simply crowded into the existing St. Giles parking area designated for motorcycles is not made clear.

In this context, it’s worth a reminder that, in Oxford, motorcycles can park in “permit holder” parking areas - without a permit - provided that they are parked perpendicular to the kerb (see: Motorcycle parking | Oxfordshire County Council). In my experience, individuals employed to patrol and ‘police’ parking in Oxford City are not necessarily aware of this fact.

The changes are “subject to consultation”, but Oxford City Council has something of a track record in this respect (opinion my own, others may disagree).

Anyway, a heads-up!

Edit: on a related note, Oxford are also steaming ahead with Low Emissions Zones and (currently planning) various “traffic gates” designed to reduce traffic in the City. At time of writing, Historic Vehicles are exempt from the Oxford LEZ restrictions, and (they say) motorcycles (will be) exempt from the (planned) traffic gate restrictions (personally, I’d keep an eye on this latter change, in case the plans change).

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