Paint chrome surface

Ordering a rack for the slag, it’s supplied in chrome only, however I prefer black. Question: can the chrome be painted over or will I need to have it stripped then coated?

Reckon it would need the coaters to blast it then coat Gav…usin bungees on painted only chrome aint goin to be durable…x

Kate is correct if my experience is anything to go on.
Plastic coating might work, Keith Nock (8 valve eagle) knows an excellent coater.

Just had my rack powder coated, it was chrome plated so i rubbed it down with some emery to give it a key, looks good, time will tell if it chips, if it does i’ll just touch up with paint or maybe just leave it, which is a strong possibility :smiley:

Ah, cheers m’dears, as suspected…my questionable taste may not pass the cost benefit test :=)

Good point chrome is going to much tougher for that.