Paint colour

I have a 1994 (probably 1993 model year) California III. The Moto Guzzi name on the rockerbox covers is or rather was picked out in red. I’d like to refresh this and make it look better. Can anybody tell me what shade of red it should be, colour code or common name. A pot of enamel would be better than a spray can as then I can apply with a matchstick or fine brush.


I would have thought Ford Rosso Red would have been fine and Humbrol must do a tin.
If you have a friend who is a model maker with an airgun they possibly would have what you need already.

Cheers Ian

By airgun I meant air brush.
This cold is killing my brain.

Airbrush is a bit overkill, tin of Humbrol and a good quality brush will do it.

I’ve never used an airbrush so take your word for it.
I still have my original brushes I bought in 1972.

I found that I had a tin of Humbrol No 19 Red, which looked good. I gave the covers a clean with some methylated spirit and using a matchstick first to clean up the corners and get rid of any dirt I flooded the stampings and then quickly wiped off the excess with a big wadge of kitchen roll. It looks good. I’ll post a photo later. Time will tell how it stands up to the heat and weather.



Looks good Mike, rockers should not get too hot unless stuck in traffic at 40deg.C, not much chance of that.
Cheers, Gerry.