Painting Cast Alloy Wheels

The paint on my wheels is badly chipped, scratched, generally worn and looks rubbish.

Has anyone successfully re-painted Guzzi wheels? Is Hammerite ok to use? Brush or spray?

All comments and opinions welcomed (stands well back).


parts of my old T3 I respayed using something like Hycote Alloy paint, parts like the final drive box, and the footrest brackets, first heat up the area with a hot air gun, and then spray the paint and turn on the hot air gun again, 2 or 3 coats will be needed, the secret is getting the right heat levels , too hot and the paint will bubble.
just try a small area at first.

I have a pair of std big block alloys unused since they were powder coated gold, probly some years back. Came with Blue and I ain’t ever going to use them. Nothing else with them, just the wheels. PM me an offer. Pick up from central Essex or plus P&P.

Back in the late 80s I had a lovely blue Monza. Of course, the black wheels did not match the ice blue paintwork so out came the spray cans (Honda Montparnesse blue was a pretty good match IIRC).

I disassembled the wheels, removing the tyres, disks etc. but leaving in the bearings. I used paint stripper to remove the old paint from the rims completely and most of the paint from the spokes and cleaned thoroughly afterwards. I used a white primer, followed by several thin coats of paint which could have been cellulose or acrylic (I don’t remember), topped off with laquer. I didn’t paint the rims as I wanted them with a polished alloy finish, which looked really nice but was indeed high maintenance…

The results were very good and I had no issues with chipping or otherwise. that was back in the day when men were men and paint was paint!

These days, I’d be happy to do the same if I could be sure the pint was up to it but may be tempted by PPC instead.


Got my LM111 wheels done in '93.
I stripped them down completely first.
They were dipped in an acid tank then sand blasted.
They did look beautiful at that point.
I painted them with a standard wheel paint in silver.
The people who stripped the paint off said that normally 4 hours in the acid was enough, my wheels required 2 days.
They considered Moto Guzzi finish must be excellent.

Did mine with silver Smoothrite and a brush.

Disclaimer: modern Hammerite / Smoothrite are poor shadows of their former selves, but I think I was using an old tin.

Thanks but it’s for my Lario - 16 inch wheels front and rear