Panniers advice pls

Advice pls. I just got a 99 Cali Special. I am after H&B panniers but there is too much choice. Plastic or leader? 30 or 40 ltrs? I am looking at the Junior Flash, Journey Reckon, Liberty or Nevada. All of the above should do what I need then to do so it is about practicality and look. I guess my concern is leather ones being stolen / easier to break in to. Cheers

40l is obviously most practicable if you are planning a longish haul, but they do look big on a day to day basis

46 litre Givis on the V1000 work ok no problems not wider than the bars, I like the way Givi fits to the frames never had a problem. BUT some advice I was given is to tie a luggage strap around the frame and case when loaded as it is possible to misslock any panniers.

I use the belt type luggage straps …they work. Givi boxes were OEM for the Cali 3 range prior to that they looked more loke the older Krauser on the Cali 2 and some Nevadas, the ones before that were the awful “fag packet” ones Never had water ingress in the Givis had them on the bike for over 22 yrs now

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When we see some of the stuff on here why not ?

Thanks. I think I’ll go for the 30 ltr Junior Flash.
It is here because I am a newbie and I have a lot to learn

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I like leather for the look and the ability to survive a drop.
Security is a concern, but you can still walk away from them knowing a deliberate act will be required to break in. Everything is susceptible in the end.


I thought it would be better posted in Tech?

Thanks, very helpful. I think I will place a ‘wanted’ post and let destiny decide… Cheers

I have my first set of H&B panniers on my Breva 1100. I have used Givi for many years on many bikes. In my opinion Givi are vastly superior. The H&B panniers are too heavy, overly complicated and not as spacious. I am looking into ways of fitting Givis to my Breva as Givi don`t do a kit unfortunately.