Panniers for Stelvio V100 - any innovative ideas?

I’m planning a week-long trip at the end of July on my Stelvio (planning the West coast of Ireland), so thinking I will need a bit more luggage than my usual “roll bag on the back seat” approach.

Been looking at genuine Guzzi panniers, but I’m not sure they are best for me. Interesting Guzzi offer the same panniers for the Mandello and the Stelvio V100, so I assume most aftermarket panniers for the Mandello will also fit the Stelvio…?

Ideally something that doesn’t mean loads of scaffolding on the back of the bike when the panniers are removed (the thing I really like about the OEM Guzzi ones, like a BMW GS with Varios, there’s no “scaffolding” visible on the bike when panniers are not in place). This seems to rule-out the SHAD, or Hepco&Becker stuff as you need a load of scaffolding to support them (it seems a bit daft to me these aftermarket brands don’t use the V100’s provided mounting points)…

What other options have people found? I’ve had a look at the SW-Motech ProBlaze - they look pretty good, minimal “scaffolding”, and pricing is OK.

I’m not too worried whether the panniers are plastic boxes or soft…

Anyone found anything interesting?

@MartinK - I’ve gone for Hepco & Becker on my V100 - although only a rear rack and top box as I’m also not keen on the frames for the panniers and also prefer just a large top box from a filtering perspective. They do a very large 55ltr top box and that rack, without the top box looks OK with minimal framework.

For the Stelvio:

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Thanks Paul - I’ll have a deeper look at the H&B website

Are the panniers wider than the handlebars?

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@MartinK - sorry can’t answer that as have a V100 and haven’t fitted panniers either as wanted to keep a slim profile where possible, so just a top box.

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I have used Shad on v Strom and other bikes, the 36 are fairly inexpensive and the rail and L shape quite minimal. Additionally I turned new spacers and fitted shorter high tensile bolts this reduced overall width. My point 20mins an Allen key they are off perhaps a solution , scratched ones E bay cheap who cares

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Last bank holiday I went on a long weekend to France, to visit the Maginot line, my bike turned up 2 weeks beforehand so i had little choice on what to do and brought the MG Panniers, they fit well but are fairly small, from memory they are 28 & 30 L, also side opening which to me is a pain,

I did also order a givi plate for the top box, which is 56 l but that hadn’t arrived, it arrived from italy the day I got back, the top box was what I already had for me V85TT

Next Saturday I head to the France again but heading to the Pyrenees, TBH the 2 paniers on there own was tight just for me, so hoping the top box is better, it is a longer trip


Just seen that SHAD have launched some smart pannier rails that allow you to use their 3P pannier system. The pannier rails seem to use the same mounting points as the OEM panniers. Pretty neat and about 20% cheaper than Guzzi’s own pannier system…

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