Pennine Guzzisti Rallycamp

Fingers crossed weather is looking “reasonable” for the Pennine Rally.
Bring your sunglasses and a brolly/parasol😁
Don’t forget your earplugs and repurposed covid mask for over your eyes.
Dawn is at 04:30 and nature is hugely noisy at the rugby club :joy::+1:
Big bike Sunday is on Sunday (obviously) , as is Skipton Sheep Day… whichever cranks yer handle :grin:

Well I was able to come along on day 1 to use my ticket…unfortunately not on my V100 because it is poorly sick (gearbox…again). However, I claim the longest distance not travelled on a bike from very South Warks…

Some lovely bikes did make it, though…

Had a good chat with the lady on reception…hope the predictions of “trubble” didn’t come true.

But had a nice couple of pints in the bar.

Venue was great.

And (if my bike’s working by then) I fully intend to come up next year.

Thanks for organising it. Met some interesting people.


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Glad to hear you enjoyed it.
See you next year :+1::blush:

Hej, Steve !

I am keen to join you all, in Skipton, and wish to book a place. Paying by cheque is a bit problematic, as I can’t even remember when I last wrote a cheque, and, have no idea where our chequebook now rests. Do you have any alternative payment channels ? If not, I could use the excuse for a run over the hills, to deposit cold, hard cash (okay, its polymer replacement).

Warmest regards,

Old macdonald.

Old_macdonald you get an e-ticket and pay by bank transfer. Just email with your details and they will email you the bank details. This is how I got last years ticket and am doing the same this year.

Many thanks.

I received the same advice from CheefySteve, and have now sorted it. My original post was intended to be a message to him, but the forum buttons all seem to send me astray - is there any kind of manual, or guide, to using this set-up ? It’s all a bit alien to what I’ve experienced before.

Anyway, thanks again for your help.