Phm 40 pumper carb chokes

The choke cables etc had been removed from my bike long before I bought it, starting from cold required a certain number of throttle twists, depending on the temperature at the time. I treated the old girl to a lever type choke control on one carb, not sure yet if it helps or hinders cold-starting yet, but it makes a noise like Puffing Billy when it’s being used. Is this normal?


Ditto…Sutty hasn’t got chokes on his Mk5 tho and it always seems to wheeze into life… :laughing:

my1000s chuffs away on choke,its air going down another hole,also dont need to give it any throttle to start

I’ve got a flip top going spare if you want it for the other side. Just PM me and I’ll bung it in the post.
Err - it’s from a square slide, I’m presuming this part is common?

Thanks very much for the offer, but looking at the Gutsibits parts list, it seems the one for the PHM carb is different to the one fitted to the other carbs, though it looks much the same. Thanks again, but I don’t reckon it will fit.

I’ve got 40mm pumpers on my Le Mans & I used to use the chokes but I found it more of a pain than just twisting the throttle fully open twice & firing it up & using the throttle for a minute or two until it’s warmed up to be honest.
Oh & one of the plastic choke levers snapped so I didn’t bother to replace it either! :smiley: