Pictures for the Website

Would you like your pictures of your bike, a show or MGCGB camping weekend to end up on the Website?
I’m always looking for picture to keep the Website interesting.

They need to be landscape, decent quality and with background around the main point of interest as the Website automatcally adapts the picture to screen of your device.

This is the optimal layout:

I’m looking forward to your pictures. Please email them to

Cheers Uki

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Incoming! Not all perfectly matching your criteria, I fear, but there’s always the cutting room floor!

@Webofficer - on a related note, I found recently that I was unable to upload a video to the forum (some bizarre Apple format, admittedly: HEVC) - see error message recvd - is “no video” by accident, design, or perhaps just because of the obscure format?

None of those extensions indcate a video type, image type only. (Except pdf, pictures AND text?) So the answer seems to be, no can’t do that. (Videos would be e.g. webm, mp4, mpg, etc.)

I will look into it @Barry_Conway

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