Pictures of front brake lines?

Has anyone got a picture of how the front brake lines attach to the junction on the front forks. Lever to junction, junction to brake caliper, switch, and which way round the junction fits to the forksAnd the brake line routes to get there please.Mine is a Convert having Cali bars and wire wheels added. Took it to bits ages ago and thought I’d remember.Don’t want to fanny about to get it right. A scribbled drawing would do.

I guess I’ll have to guess.

If it helps they are the same as any T3/spada etc at the front too dark to take a pic now BUT if I can I will take one over the weekend if you can wait thet long there is a pic in the haynes manual

For the footbrake

This shows the splitter with 3 holes along the side of the body of the splitter and one in the end

The end hole takes the rear caliper

Along the body from that is the hose from the footbrake and master cyl

Then the pressureswitch for the stop light in the middle hole

The end hole nearest the blank end goes to the front left brake caliper.

The front one goes thus

the pressure switch in the end

That leaves 2 holes along the body of the Junction

Brake lever hose to the middle
The right hand caliper in the end opposite the pressure switch

I hope this helps mate.

Here is a manual bud

Thank you!!!Does the splitter fit, bolt to the bottom (cylinder uppermost) or bolt to to the top (cylinder at the bottom).

On mine it sits on top of the lower yoke/ or to use the 'Merican…Triple tree. There is a pic on pg 108 of the Haynes manual the hydraulic switch is on the left facing the clutch if you will the 'ole for the brake lever hose is therefore facing to the rear of the bike.

BUT I will take a look at mine in the light …

Been out had a look the part fits on top at the front of the lower yoke guzzibear2012-09-27 21:42:17

the second picture is from the rear of the junction showing the hose from the handlebar lever going into the junction.