pinlock visor residue

Just bought a new pinlock insert, removed the old one.

But, it’s left behind the adhesive on the bike visor, scraped some off with fingernail.

Any suggestions for removing what’s left?

Some polishes can be a little too aggressive, not what you want on a visor … I checked with a paint supplier, local to me, and they thrust forward a bottle of “A” Grade Car Polish from … It works … Another one that works is Autoglym “Super Resin” polish …Neither of these causes any microscopic scratches, or dulling. I have used both on all my visors, and screen … Hope this is of use. Regards, Tony

I tried visor cleaner, did nothing.

White spirit softened it so that thumbnail would scrape most of it off.

Pinlock 120 now fitted, I didn’t know that there are different grades!

120 & 70.

The 120 is supposed to provide longer lasting fog resistance.

Wonder under what circumstances you’d want the shorter lived version - helmet near end of life?

Last one I bought was a ‘racer’ version which extended higher at the top of the eye line. Worked slightly better when you were in a tuck and looking through that top area. Well worth the money with my T3 Cali bars fitted.

Not shorter lived, won’t last as long in bad weather. Think their site commented about short commuter use.

Ah, that makes sense. I think I figured they just kept on working until they didn’t But then I have no idea on the physics for any of that. Or is it chemistry?

I’ll be riding out into the rain in my old puddin’ and goggles later today - relying on some Bob Heath spray to keep things mostly clear.