Planned factory event 2023?

Can anyone advise if the factory has any planned events in September? We are planning a trip and would like to incorporate any event whilst there. Thanks in advance. Pete

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Moto Guzzi are notoriously late with announcing events. It’s the town who organises things, normally in the 2 nd week of September.
I will post a link to the organising committee’s FB page.

Cheers Uki

Interesting! I recently bought a 750S and so I’m enjoying playing around with it - looking forward to the Spring here in Wales. But, I am planning to pass through northern Italy (in my 1985 Merc 300SL 107 - with the roof off, of course!) most likely in late September - and am planning to pass by Mandello (to see the museum) - if there’s an event - who knows maybe I can adjust my itinerary! Be pleased to hear as and when it gets firmed up!