Plastic Welding - Plastic Fuel Tanks

Due to cack handedness, I have managed to hole the plastic fuel tank on my V7 Classic. Â It is only a small hole, but the fuel does rather gush out!

Does any one know of anyone who can repair this hole by plastic welding?Â

Sorry, no help with that technique. Just to float another idea, apply a tank liner over a patch then fix the hole with no worries about materials or integrity.


With the New Year (by the way a Happy New Year to all) I was wondering if any one had some thoughts on this little problem of mine?

Couple of thoughts; search,
Find and ask members of classic car clubs,
Find and ask members of motorcross/trials community,

Did all the above when struggling with with NTX Acerbis tank.

Good luck.

Thanks. I shall try some further searching. I have spent an age on the internet looking. I am now wondering if a new steel tank might be the answer, if it is a straight swop. I have just done a post enquiring about this.

A simple solution and possibly cheaper than a new tank would be to fill the hole with Araldite, or similar two part epoxy resin filler/glue and apply Petseal to the inside if the filler/glue is not resistant to petrol or ethanol.

Thanks for the reply. I have had a look at Petseal on the internet. It seems to refer to steel tanks. The reviews in any event seem mixed.

I can’t help feeling that plastic welding is the way to go, as like is being used on like, rather like welding steel rather than using araldite on steel. But the problem will remain, once fixed. The tank has “lengthened” and the steel retaining bolt still won’t line up with the frame.