Police solo seat.

I want a solo seat on my Convert. I have a police seat, but in my opinion it looks awful Jacked up at the back on the swiveling brackets. Has anyone modified the back to sit flatter to the frame and back mudguard?

How does it sit without the carrier on ? You could alter the uprights from the carrier to get it to sit lower.


I have taken the carrier off, as I have a chrome Sportster one to fit on the mudguard.Using the swivel brackets makes no difference, it still sits too high. I’m not sure how to modify them and still be able to get to the bolts and/or be able to access the battery.The carrier fits to the same frame mounts so removing them makes no difference.I don’t really want to modify the lugs on the frame, but will alter the seat if necessary.


http:////www.acr-ricambi.it/guzzi850T5PICCOLAweb2.JPGthese guys sell all T5 bitshttp:////www.acr-ricambi.it/

I agree with jmee, these look rediculously high at the back, can’t see how to get it lower without sawing its legs off and doing something different. Feasibly possible you might make your own hinge/fixing brackets instead and pop-rivet them onto the base(?)

I am trying to talk myself into butchering my police seat, but it is in excellent condition and I am reluctant to start without having a good plan.My first objective is to lower the back, whilst having some way of accessing the battery. I don’t want it to slope rearwards either! Sitting it on the frame, without the brackets it looks so much better, but it’s a bit square - needs softening up a bit. The lugs touch the base so it needs to be raised a gnats, but no more.I have no problem in reupholstering it as my missus has an industrial sewing machine and has done loads of seats for people in the past. She is doing my Cali T3 seat, which is one reason I dont want to alter the frame lugs. The other being I want the bike to be able to be returned to standard if necessary.Having researched solo seats on the web, there is nothing other than the Harpers one that I can find, that will bolt on. That seems to be raised at the back too, but not so much. The front is narrower too and I’m not sure if I like seeing the frame rails exposed + it’s expesive!What I need is someone who has made an aesthetically pleasing seat to show me how it is done.Anybody out there?

Have you looked at the pic in the Gallery sect? For what it is worth the org Convert G5 seat is considered the most comfy of all the guzzi seats.

Here is a thought IF you can get a seat base I wonder could you get a sheet metal worker to fabricate a solo seat from that pattern putting in a frame to mount at the back like the dual seat, maybe making a feature of the back part like false radio mount?and a back piece similar to the oem one on the dual seat. THAT way your other half could make a seat cover and make it unique BUT it would fit the tank too?


guzzibear2013-01-30 21:37:10

How about this seat ? It is a Denfeld seat for BMWs.

xtheone&onlymin2013-01-30 21:50:00

Yeah, I did look at that. It seem to sit quite nicely, but I’d like to see some more pictures to see what happens at the back. It still looks a bit odd.I am amazed that there isn’t an aftermarket option.I know you are a great fan of the original seat, GB and I do have one and it is very comfortable, but I just love the bare rear mudguard look!

Better. How does it fit Min?It would need a bit of cosmetic surgery though!

jmee542013-01-30 22:55:11

Well it sort of just sits there so it does. Only have used it a few times held down with a strap as I am not ready to use it day to day quite yet. Having look at it there needs to be a wee bit of bracketry welded on to the frame and base to make it work. Probably some sort of quick release to save having to use a spanner. The XT folks use cupbard knobs instead of bolts to hold their seats on. Being as the bolt heads are underneath and the seat is part of the mudguard.


If you fit it use the type of big alloy fittings they used on the Norton Commando seat Atop the rear suspension on this pic they are a bolt with large alloy round to undo so easy to fit seat.

By the way that seat looks like what I was attempting to describe to do. not very well hey ho.

The 535 virago front seat has 2 lugs protruding from the back of it that has a couple of bolts thro. Then 2 other lL shaped tangs that fit to corresponding loops on the frame

guzzibear2013-01-31 11:32:44

Make a clay (mud ! ) mold of the pan area you desire and use it to make a fibreglass base. Get a block of seat foam then sand it into the shape you want.
Then you get Missus Mudpie to make your cover. And set up a nice wee business in bespoke seats.

love and kisses

My postie job is in doubt at the moment with reorganisation - getting rid of pushbikes in favour of vans because it is more cost effective!??? So maybe I could!

Ours did that a while ago. Use like shopping trolley things instead.

Another thing is don’t get the same postie all the time anymore, seems like they’re moved around different areas on a rota.

I made some straight metal extension brackets today with holes 50mm apart. Fastened one end to the seat brackets and the other to the frame lugs. The seat now sits nice and low, snug to the tank and can be raised on the extensions.I need to find a way of securing the front now to stop unwanted folks nosing.Also the seat now rests on the frame lug at the back, so need to sort the metal to metal contact.It looks so much better, but I am now going to take the cover off and sculpt the foam and maybe add a layer of softer stuff, as the police seat is like a brick!

I guess Hi density rubber/foam on the bottom of the seat and frame would sort the back the ORG one uses rubber bungs basically. To secure the front end most single seats I have seen have like L shaped brackets on the seat that either locates under the front frame or into a loop there. As I said the virago uses split seat the front has 2 either side that loc into loops on the frame.


Before you reupholster try it, over the years I have found what seems like a hard seat sometimes is actually very comfy I only once swapped to a “softer” seat it was real uncomfy after an hour it was untrue.

The replacement King /Queen we got last year seemed hard when I first sat on it and I was a bit concerned BUt when we went over to Norfolk it was very very comfy.guzzibear2013-02-01 19:34:56

Good idea to try it first, but it is an odd shape - very angular. Maybe I’ll reshape it but use the original foam, I don’t know, I’ll sleep on it. Heather is recovering my Cali seat, seems a shame not to do this one while she is in the mood!