Police style handlebars 74 Eldorado

Hi Has anyone got a source for police style handlebars for a 70ā€™s Elderado. I have searched and looked but nothing yet. Thanks Ian

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Stein Diese have handlebars for a V7 850 GT California, which should be the same as the police handlebars.

I have a 1973 police Eldorado, but a previous owner has put civilian bars on it. I often think or reverting to police handlebars, but have heard that a windscreen might be necessary then.

Thank you Ian

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Sorry, Iā€™m not sure what the style is that you are loking for, but could these be similar?

I got a pair of US police spec handlebars from Stein Dinse. I originally ordered from Gutsibits as they do list the same bars, but after 6 weeks without any sign of them arriving I switched to Stein Dinse. I think they were around ā‚¬40 and only around ā‚¬10 shipping. Received in 48 hours - proper service! Bear in mind that you will also need to replace all the cables. I think I managed to get one of them from SD, but had to get the others made up by that guy near Banbury. Cheers, Derek

IMG_3297 by Derek Wardell, on Flickr

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Thanks. Your bike looks great, I expect you know that.