Polishing old tank paintwork

I’m re-building my Guzzi. The engine is painted black, frame, fork legs, etc. New stainless fasteners (nearly) all round, etc, etc.

Now coming to the stage of tidying up the bodywork. The paint is ok but not great, so was looking to T-cut the petrol tank and then give it a good polish - as in wax polish, like you would do with a car.

So a simple question (I hope), what wax to use for a nice shiny finish?

I haven’t waxed a car for over 30 years so not sure what products are out there now!!


Completely outside my expertise.
Kate Wain could be your best bet for an answer.

T-Cut then Turtle wax nice and shiny  :smiley:

Always use Mers cream, goes on even if the bike is still damp, protects the finish well and you can use it on the chrome too.

Moisturising body lotion?


This stuff has been around for years and does a good job, even recommended by 'olls 'oyce (apparently) for their brightwork.

The very best we have used is Auto Glyms Carnauba Wax…but it is expensive…that Meguars appears well regarded…tho the T cutting is probably the worthwhile bit…!