***** polycarbonate lenses - Norge

My Norge headlight has cataracts.Made the mistake of leaving the engine running while I was checking the TB balance etc, and had a dust sheet over the screen, which must have covered the headlight.Result, nice burn mark on both sides. I had put in all weather bulbs just before which have a warmer colour temperature, but surprised it caused this.New headlight about £450 I think.

There is a second hand one on ebay for £90 plus postage slight mark on inside check it out
keith8 Valve Eagle2014-03-10 07:48:06

That hurts, but thanks for posting it: it’s a warning that might save others of us some money down the line.

Thanks Keith, but the one at £90 is not from any Norge I recognise, no idea what bike it is from. Mine looks like this but that one is from the newer 8 valve, so might not be exactly the same.I will be scouring Ebay though, MOT not till June, and I guess it might be an MOT failure.
Brian UK2014-03-10 09:26:58

Not sure if the headlight listed here is what you need?

http://www.rebootguzzispares.com/norge.htmwits2014-03-10 15:00:16

There seems to be a funny white mark on that headlight too. Might be a reflection, difficult to tell.

You could e-mail them and ask; they seem an honest crew.

So what’s this headlight off then, the seller is adamant is is from a MG Norge, but it has a central light.

non that I know of wither Brian, I did see a unit like that listed on a breakers in the USA, they also said it was from a 2008/2009 norge. Could it be a US market model?

Well that sure will not polish out mate

US models are the same as the European one from that point of view. I think they had different side stands only.
No Ken, I don’t think it will.Brian UK2014-03-12 23:19:06

Many modern cars have plastic headlights as well. Pretty certain you mustn’t put in different bulbs other than OE. For my Clio I think I saw a warning somewhere about fogging caused by ultra violet light damage.

Mike H2014-03-13 16:01:50

I certainly would not consider the 100W bulbs which are available, but these were standard 55W road bulbs, just the Bosch “All Weather” ones which have less UV in the spectrum if anything as they are a warmer white colour.But it was heat, not UV which caused the problem I think.These are projector type lights, not the normal parabolic reflectors, so it is possible that the beam is more concentrated, and the polycarbonate shield is closer to the light than on my car.

Sorry I meant UV from sunlight. (EDIT: if not fogging, plastic turning yellow.) Yes in your case looks like the plastic melted because it was covered up with cloth. The things you have to beware of these days! However we are all wiser after the event
Mike H2014-03-13 19:08:36

The photo looks like an Aprilia RSV4 headlight to me. Google it and there are images.

10 out of 10 for that man, thanks.

Is it by Jove

Seller now accepts there was a “mistake”.
It’s now listed as the Alprilia headlight, though she said it was definitely a Norge one as it came off their Norge.Brian UK2014-03-15 14:11:14

So glad they stopped putting headlight stickers on at the V-Twin, had one cooked on in 2005 on the B11 and there is still a mark there.G.

I just pulled off the black sticky tape from my Breva 1100 headlamp, after a jaunt to France, to discover a series of hairline cracks in the lens where the tape had been, presumably caused by the heat build-up.This led to much wailing and gnashing of teeth, as I contemplated E300 for a new headlamp, should it fail the MoT.But huzzah, today the old chap sailed through the test without so much as a warning.Seems it doesn’t need the sticky tape anyway, as the beam looks to be a straight-across type, without the nearside kick-up to light the kerb…

Blind Lemon Ade2014-07-22 13:53:21